Divorce Cases

Spousal Support Claims

An area that many experts in our practice area won't take on, we do. We have assisted both plaintiffs and defendants in supporting alimony requests based on the employability of a spouse. 

No Drama, All Action

Not Your Average Firm

Some firms take on any and every case and opportunity to build their portfolio and pocket. The fepeGroup doesn't sell out for any reason or amount of money. Before we agree to assist a client, we conduct a review of the facts and issues, gain a solid understanding of the effort that will be involved and identify the optimal resolution based on the facts.


Don't ask us to take on an opportunity that contradicts our ethics, morality or the law; we simply will walk away. However, if you're in need of a winning business partner who will maintain your confidentiality and help you through both good times and rough, then the fepeGroup is at your call.


All Issues Employment-Related

Whether a single employee or a class action, fepeGroup has the expertise to assist wronged employees in their quest for fairness and legality in cases regarding negligent termination, discrimination, inequality, among others. No case is too small for the fepeGroup.


Our expertise is available pre-discovery to assist attorneys in strategizing their case, as well as retainable as an expert witness.  Even if all that is needed is to list one of our team as a potential expert witness on a case, our fees are reasonable and fair for all.


Pre-Case & Preventive Consulting

Whether you have an employment-related case that is being disputed through a state or federal agency or court, or if you want to ensure your employment practices and policies are on solid ground to mitigate potential claims, the fepeGroup experts can help.


Our expertise is a formidable defense mechanism before legal action is pending. As senior executive Human Resources leaders, we have built employment practices from the ground up, and we have created and managed all aspects of employment practices. Our experts have personally developed more than 50 EEOC Position Statements, with a 98% win rate for employers.

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